Attractions and Entertainment

For a pleasant stay and relaxation of its guests, the hotel "Daffi" organizes routes to the following destinations:

Natural landmarks Historical and cultural sites 
ecopath "Waterfalls canyon" Regional Historical Museum "Stoyu Shishkov" - Smolyan

ecopath "The Bride"

Agushevi Konak

the "Red Rock"

City Art Gallery

Smolyan Lakes

reserve "Chinar"

the "Wonderful Bridges"

peak "Srednogorets -The Rhodope briar"

the "Cross Forest"

Planetarium Smolyan
cave "Jagodinska" Church "Cathedral of Saint Vissarion of Smolyan"

cave "Devil's Throat"

Momchil Fortress

cave "Uhlovitsa"

Panoramic site "Eagle Eye"  

* For those places and objects, the hotel offers organized visits with private transport.



 For our more active visitors, the hotel offers organizing and conducting the following activities:

  • cave tourism
  • studing Rhodope folk dancing
  • Fishing
  • collecting wild mushrooms and herbs